Coffee, method and Company

The best qualities of Arabica and robusta are the starting point for the elaboration of the blend through the study of the proportions of the individual varieties of coffee.

Avant-garde production techniques, combined with the classic artisan roasting, enhance the aromas of the coffee protecting the fragrance.

Finally, the innovative pods and single-dose capsule packaging systems keep the taste and aroma of caffè lollo unchanged.

In every production step is impressed the so-called "method Lollo" made of sacrifice, care and constant pursuit of perfection; It is characterized by the right combination of the oldest processing methods and the most innovative coffee production techniques.

These are the reasons why sipping the Caffè Lollo has the feeling of savouring the work of the authentic artisans of coffee that exercise with love and great experience the art of roasting.

The Company

"Lollo" is one of the flagships of the Neapolitan tradition of espresso in Italy and in the world, constantly expanding but always linked to the original professionalism and passion

Born for the importation and resale of raw coffee, today the company is among the largest roasting industries, specialized in the production of coffee pods, capsules and grains. It carries out all the phases of the production cycle, continuing the original import activity of the raw from the most important countries of origin, and numbering hundreds of customers, for which it also carries out an important production activity of third parties .

A production area of about 5000 sqm distributed in two factories, where the coffee is roasted and packaged, the availability of large warehouses, recently expanded, for the preservation of raw coffee and for the storage of the products, and the management Through the commercial offices, they allow the daily processing of about 10,000 kg of roasted coffee and a potential production capacity of 20,000 kg per day, for distribution in the Horeca, vending and foreign channels.

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